Emily Webb is from the small town of Smithville, TN, but she is now a city girl living her dream of being a hairstylist! She is living in Nashville and commuting to Murfreesboro for work because Urban Image is her home away from home. Urban Image welcomes everyone, so feel free to stop by for a visit! 

Emily is a young, thriving cosmetologist who is up to date with all the latest trends. Balayage is one of her most highly demanded services as she has a lot of experience with this technique. She likes to keep hair looking as natural as possible and makes sure her clients’ hair stays healthy along the way. Educating her clients on how to achieve the look they desire outside of the salon is very important to Emily. She takes the time to teach styling tips and how to select the proper products for one’s hair. Whether you have curly, straight, thick, or thin hair, Emily is the stylist for you! 

If you are a bride who wants a stylist for your special day, Emily is your girl! She can give you a romantic style that will make you feel beautiful. Need help with makeup on the big day? Emily does that too!

Men’s hairstyles are also definitely in her wheelhouse, as she got her start cutting her father and brothers hair many years ago. So fellas, come on out, and Emily will give you a haircut that’ll be sure to impress! 

Call Urban Image today to book an appointment or a consultation. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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